Conferences & Events

We create communication events (Formats, company presentations, conferences, round tables, etc.) that provide to the involved stakeholders, structured information through research activities and business opportunities. Such activities, represent an opportunity to have a multidisciplinary point of view on the topic of the meeting and allow to be able to get in touch with the different actors involved with the initiative (eg. sponsors, influencers, institutions, specialized law firms, universities , industry associations..).

Performed Activities:

  • Concept design and creation (around the theme desired to promote)
  • Identification of players who can act as speakers and session moderators depending on the company they represent
  • Selection of a target audience with a focus on lead generation
  • Pre-event promotion (DEM, press office, etc.)
  • On-site event management
  • Post-event reporting (audience profiling, audience feedback)

Case History

Alta Murgia National Park

settore: Parks

servizio: Conference planning and organizing


• Management of both traditional and digital communication campaign for the event

Coordinating speakers and the strategic and operational management of the “call for papers”

• Conference planning and organizing

CEI Piemonte

settore: Energy

servizio: Technical Conference Organization, PR, and institutional relations


• Training on topics such as waste to energy, hydroelectric and energy efficiency

• Promoting b2b networking opportunities with Italian and international businesses

• Creating opportunities to increase business and establish partnerships for Piedmont companies with the project ECOmpanies