Press office & Media Relations


settore: Financial

servizio: Financial data communication


Introduction of the dorma+kaba Group to the Italian press

Communication of the results of the Group’s first consolidated financial results two days before introduction on the international financial market

Presentation of Vittorio Veneto Silca S.p.A.’s economic performance results from the 2015/2016 fiscal year

Ente Fiera Promoberg

settore: Art

servizio: Fair Press Office


Encouraging participation among art-lovers of all ages, even those coming from outside Bergamo, at IFA, Italian Fine Art – Bergamo Antiquaria and Bergamo Arte Fiera

Promoting events in the press of Milan and Lombardia

Fostering media partnerships between the Fiera di Bergamo and trade journals

RAEE Coordination Center

settore: Waste

servizio: National Press Office


Assisting the RAEE Coordination Center in spreading a recycling culture that doesn’t neglect electronic waste.

Promoting initiatives that share the work of the RAEE CdC and national data on the collection and treatment of electronic waste

Since 2015, we have managed national press office activities, organized on-the-ground events, and created editorial projects to share annual data on the collection and treatment of electronic waste in Italy for the RAEE Coordination Center.

We created and presented 3 editions of the Annual Report on the Collection and Treatment of RAEE in Italy to the public


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