Social Media Management

We propose this service after a prior analysis of the brand’s digital positioning. Based on the results, different marketing strategies will then be shared with the aim of strengthening the brand identity, increasing its recognition (brand awareness) and increasing its visibility and web traffic. The activity fosters the creation of digital communities, united by a common interest, which are given the opportunity to dialogue directly with the brand, going on to generate potential new leads.

Performed Activities:

  • Digital positioning
  • Content management
  • Press clipping
  • Monitoring of the competitor
  • Social network
  • Digital advertising (Planning, management and monitoring of sponsored campaigns on social media and Google AdWords)
  • Digital reporting

Main activities:

  • Copy creation and graphic visual
  • Account moderation and reputation enhancement
  • Engagement implementation and leads generation
  • Community building and crisis management

Case History

settore: Ambiente

servizio: Social Media Management


Sviluppo di un piano editoriale coerente con le macro tematiche ambientali di

Gestione dei contenuti online e diffusione attraverso attività di digital marketing (Newsletter, DEM, Adv online..)

Gestione e diffusione tramite i social network del web magazine: Facebook, Twitter e LinkedIn

AUMA Italiana

settore: Industrial Automation

servizio: Gestione LinkedIn Company Page


• Aprire e gestire la pagina LinkedIn aziendale

• Realizzare un piano editoriale  volto a comunicare: corporate news, progetti e aggiornamenti sui prodotti

• Creare coinvolgimento per collaboratori, clienti e stakeholder