This activity makes it possible to give image, shape and color to the corporate communication strategy adopted. Creativity is therefore fundamental to build and maintain the brand identity: from the logo, which must express the company’s values, to the formal documents, to the visual that expresses its creative character and helps the market to perceive the company’s tone (e.g., solidity, inclusiveness, sustainability, etc.).

To be considered as an independent activity or in support of other communication activities provided by the agency, the Creativity Service offered by MGP&Partners consists of:

Performed Activities:

  • Production of graphic materials to support activities (SMM, presentations, DEM and Newsletter)
  • Exhibition booth set up
  • Realization of infographics
  • Layout of publishing materials (brochures, catalogs, thematic eBooks)
  • Printed and online promotional materials for events, webinars and trade shows
  • Adv’s adjustment and resize