Advocacy & Public Affairs

In effort to influence public opinion and public decision-makers in relation to the client’s interests, we propose monitoring the main Italian and European legislative sources, through institutional and relational channels, to inform the client about regulatory developments in areas relevant to its business. We also draft white papers or other tools to address public opinion and institutional actors on regulatory changes, advocating the client’s legitimate interests and objectives to all relevant stakeholders.

Performed activities

  • Biweekly monitoring and reporting (of public decision makers and stakeholders with networking mapping )
  • Involvement (introduction of the Client into the contexts of his or her greatest interest)
  • Portfolio creation for future technical solutions
  • Engagement (with Surveys/Individual Interviews, Focus Groups, Workshops or events)

Monitoring Activities

  • Analysis of the commissioner’s topic of interest and its context
  • Research, study and retrieval of informational-normative material
  • Arranging a legal opinion and drafting a white paper
  • Planning debate platforms, networking and confrontation spaces