About us

For almost 20 years, we have helped companies, associations, and public institutions build structured communication plans aimed at fostering visibility and strengthening their image.

We know that each client has a story worth telling, and we know how to tell each story with the most effective tools.

Our team’s diverse skills complement each other and give us the flexibility to respond quickly to client requests and to position them effectively in the target market, thanks to our continuous tracking of industry trends.

We offer consultation that helps our clients define an integrated communication strategy, combining public relations, traditional and digital media relations, institutional relations, and public affairs.

Maria Grazia Persico


Since 1995, I have combined my passion for the world of Communication with a natural inclination for weaving together and managing people, knowing full well that only through dialogue and sharing can an individual, and consequently, a business can find opportunities to grow.

Transparency, loyalty and proficiency are fundamental to my professional career, which has allowed me to experience fascinating work settings and meet engaging people.

I graduated in Business Economics and have worked in the field of communications since 1996, first at AMINA (federazione della meccanica di Confindustria) as the communication and institutional relations manager for three trade associations; at the same time I was the Italian delegate in Brussels for Orgalime. Following that, I was cabinet head and institutional relations manager in the departments of Commerce, Industry – Fashion, Tourism and Big Events for the City of Milan (First mayoral term of Gabriele Albertini).

Since 2001, I have been owner and now President of the Board of Directors of MGP&Partners, consulting firm in communications that deals with media and institutional relations with a focus on the environment in the industrial sector. Since 2013, I have been publisher and editor-in-Chief of nonsoloambiente.it, merged in June 2018 to NSA srl, an innovative start-up.

I am also an instructor for university and post-graduate courses on subjects related to the world of communication and public relations. I have been a member of Ferpi since 2000, as well as Vice President of Chiostro for the transparency of lobbies, council member for Confindustria Intellect, and member of the Board of Directors at ANES.


Social Media & Web Content Manager

Fascinated by the online world, I have worked as a social media and web content management consultant for communication agencies, startups, and companies in the b2b, b2c, and nonprofit sectors. At MGP & Partners, I handle all digital communications for the agency’s clients and follow projects from the initial strategy and planning through to the creation, monitoring, and reporting of content. I oversee all digital channels and related tasks – editorial plans, the creation and management of social media and website content, and the online advertising campaigns. When I am not online, I am working on social and environmental initiatives and sustainability awareness.


Format and Competitions

I was born in a small town in Basilicata. After graduating with degrees in Chinese Language and International Relations at Ca’ Foscari, I moved to Rome to attend a Master’s program in Geopolitics and Global Security. This program was useful in further expanding the passion I developed for this subject that started during my thesis. Slowly, I discovered an interest in energy and the environment, which led me to a Master’s in Energy and Environmental Management. In my free time, I try to pursue my passion for reading and geopolitics by collaborating with two online magazines. For MGP, I assist in press office activities, brainstorming and developing themed formats in the energy and environmental sectors as well as managing the participation of the agency in national competitions.


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